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Flat Fee Attorney Criminal Law

Image by Matt Popovich

I’ve practiced law in Fayette and Coweta County for over 20 years. The vast majority of people with a matter in criminal court are represented by the public attorney’s office. While you have a right to an attorney, you do not have the right to a private attorney. Public Defenders are overworked and underpaid, and do not have the time to provide personal attention in most matters.

90 percent of cases are resolve by plea bargain. Typically, a district attorney will have a set offer based on the type of crime and your criminal record. In most cases this offer will be far better than your sentence if you chose to go to a jury trial. Take it or leave it in most cases.

A private attorney has more time to review your file for potential defenses and to run down witnesses and other evidence. Additionally, a district attorney may lower their offer when presented with evidence that you have taken responsibility for your actions, or, evidence that their case has flaws. For example, if you have a drug charge having entered and completed a drug rehab might lessen your sentence. A key witness may have been arrested or otherwise difficult to locate.

You may still plea bargain, as typical crimes carry typical sentences. But by having a private attorney at a reasonable cost you at least will have an attorney dedicated to your case who is not overworked and underpaid.

Most criminal defense attorneys charge a high flat fee which you owe regardless of whether you plea out at your arraignment or shortly thereafter. Once the lawyer receives the high flat fee it is in the lawyer’s interest to get you to plea. If you pay a high priced lawyer $10,000.00 for a drug possession case, most likely you will offered a standard plea which the lawyer, correctly, will tell you to take if the case is clear. In that case the fee is unfair to you and windfall for the attorney.

Sometimes it is in your best interests for time to pass in your matter. Witnesses move, evidence gets lost, testimony changes. With the high priced attorney the more time he spends in calendar calls putting your case off the less he is making per hour on your case.

I charge a $2,500.00 flat fee upfront and $500.00 per month thereafter until your matter is resolved. If it goes to jury trial we require an additional $2,500.00. We do not nickel and dime you for a bond motion, a motion to revoke bond, or even if we do a blind plea. If you have several matters in the same court, we will charge the $2,500.00 fee for each case, but only one $500.00 per month.

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